image machine

  polyester / felt thermofused bt retour bt ajouter a ma demande de prix

MTV Preparation year 2005

Nr3 blending, width 1500 mm, length 4000 mm
With electronic balance
+LUPA H.1500 mm

BOX EuroImplant year 1993

Width: 4000mm x Length: 8000mm

Nr1  BEMATIC card year: 1992 Mod.HI.91;; height: 3000mm, composition:

-SILO put on the flocculator

-flocculator mod.SF.5 with the height of 2000mm

-exhauster, Hp.7,5 for hardware alimentation

-raw distribution chamber with air depressure and horizontal motion

-exhauster, Hp.5 to empty the air

-volumetric compactor Mod.CV.3000

-feeding carpet

-feeding group with Nr4 introduct workers

-ticker-in group dia 1000 mm

-Nr3 workers : 250mm of diameter

-Nr1 worker: 175mm

-carding group with 1500mm worker

-Nr3 workers: 250mm

-Nr2 workers : 160mm

-upper and bottom doffer: 700mm

Technoplants cross layer year 2005

Nr1 cross layer mod.CL.3050.OC.E

entering Height: 3000 mm

exit Height: 5000 mm

open circulation

TECHNOPLANTS cutting machine year 2005

Mod. LCT.30.CC.GB.+P
longitudinal and transversal cutting
Working work 3000 mm
Tape input length 1000 mm
5 cutting shafts with motorised moving
Guillotine transversal cutting, traverse 210 mm
Guillotine pre-cutting
1 side selvedge cutting

SICAM OVEN year 2005

   bt retour bt ajouter a ma demande de prix
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