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Group of machines Non tissé

Non woven

We sell used Non-Woven lines for the manufacture of Geotextiles, Felt, Non-woven lines for Automotive, Disposable textile industry such as mop, disposable clothing, baby diaper, spunbond or cotton make-up removers; textile recycling, etc ... Non-woven is the most varied textile industry. The lines for non-woven industry generally consist of opening and blending machines, carding machines, sross-lappers, pre-needling machines, needling machines (also call needle loom), but also ovens, calenders, etc .. There are also Airlaid type machines, or water jet needling machines, machines for spunbond, lamination machines etc ...,. The most widely distributed brand to date is Andritz which brings together Asselin and Thibeau, even if there are many other specialized German and Italian manufacturers.