You are selling your textile machinery ?

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I just want to have a first contact in order to discuss my used textile machineries reselling project ?

So let's make it easy and just call us on 0033320254949 or send us an email via our contact form.

Why would you best describe your list of machines for sale?

Because Cogliandro will more easily and quickly find a potential buyer for your equipment.

Can COGLIANDRO purchase my machines himself?

We sell all types of textile machinery in the worldwide market and often WE WILL BUY YOUR MACHINES OURSELVES !
Don't worry if we do not have direct interest we will still offer your used textile machines to all our potential customers.
In case of successfull business we will get a simple comission ! Some exclusive selling contracts are also possible ... so please call us to discuss about the strategy to resell all your equippement with the best efficiency.

Is it effective and efficient to contact COGLIANDRO to sell my machines?

COGLIANDRO eventually find buyers for more than 60% of the machines on its web site, provided they are not too old and whose price is in the market! In addition, COGLIANDRO frequently buy the machines to sell deposited on its web site ... so yes it is worth !!!