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Needling machine

The needling machines anlso called needle punch, is the machine used to bind the fibers together by a needle-punching process in the previously spread web from the lapper. Find our second-hand needling machines currently available for sale. Mainly from Asselin, Fehrer or Dilo brands ... Do not hesitate to check whether our lots of machines for complete needling lines

 DILO OR35 Needling machine  OR  DILO 1977  Used - Second Hand Textile Machinery

DILO OR35 Needling machine

Dilo OR35 Width : 3500 mm

1977Qty 1
 OUG-1 DILO Needling machine  OUG  DILO 2001  Used - Second Hand Textile Machinery

OUG-1 DILO Needling machine

Brand : DILO ; Model : DI-LOOM

2001Qty 1