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Needling machine

The needling machines anlso called needle punch, is the machine used to bind the fibers together by a needle-punching process in the previously spread web from the lapper. Find our second-hand needling machines currently available for sale. Mainly from Asselin, Fehrer or Dilo brands ... Do not hesitate to check whether our lots of machines for complete needling lines

 OUG-1 DILO Needling machine  OUG  DILO 2001  Used - Second Hand Textile Machinery

OUG-1 DILO Needling machine

Brand : DILO ; Model : DI-LOOM

2001Qty 1
 DILO OR35 Needling machine  OR  DILO 1977  Used - Second Hand Textile Machinery

DILO OR35 Needling machine

Dilo OR35 Width : 3500 mm

1977Qty 1