Reconditioning for wool / worsted spinning and tearing machines

Averaging a cost estimate and on a case-by-case basis, COGLIANDRO can sell you partially or completely reconditionned machines ! We are specialized and we have the necessary competences for the revision of machines NSC / SCHLUMBERGER and SEYDEL (GILLS, COMBERS or REBREAKER); but we can also offer this service on Bale press, Calenders of Tearing lines (LAROCHE or other) or even used cutters if yu want them 'reconditioned' ...

Here are examples for some different stages of revisions on a GC GILLBOX from NSC :

Complete dismantling of all the parts and bearings of the machine. Replacement of all the bearings and used and damaged spare parts of the machine Refurbishing and painting. Creel refurbishing or modification. Replacement of the chain head components. Drafting and calandering system refurbishing. Coiler and Coiler plate refurbishing or modification. Assembly of the machine for Starting up and testing in running condition. Dismantling, painting and packing for shipping.