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Used Sectional Warping Machines : Benninger, Karl Mayer, Comsat

We sell various sectional warpers for warping beams. These warpers are used to warp "ready to weave beams" without sizing process. Most of our pre-owned sectional warping machines are BENNINGER Ergotronic, Bentronic, or Benmatic Sectional warping machines, but also more recent warpers like KARL MAYER NOVOMATIC, ISOWARP or PROWARP ...

 COMSAT UNI Evo Sectional warper UNI Evo  COMSAT 2012-2013  Used - Second Hand Textile Machinery

COMSAT UNI Evo Sectional warper

Type UNI-Evo; width 3600 mm ;

2012-2013Qty 1