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    Cotton spinning
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  puce Condensor(1)
  puce tearing machine(3)
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fleche BBCR02-005 RIETER Roving frame F1/1A


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fleche COFR04-002 Cotton ring frames RIETER K44


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fleche CFBR01-008 RIETER G33 Ring frames linked with winder


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fleche UNIR03-001 Unilap RIETER E5/3


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fleche CODH01-001 Condensor HDB .


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fleche UNIV01-001 Unilap VOUK RD300-2T


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fleche PECR04-002 Cotton comber E7/6 RIETER


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fleche ETCR22-005 Drawing machine RIETER SBD 10


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fleche BOAS05-008 Automatic winders 238 SCHLAFHORST


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fleche ACOW01-002 Peter WOLTERS grinding machine


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