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4 QSC Moduls Quick Style Change for PICANOL GAMMAX looms


Reference QSCP01/001


Quantity : 4

Year : 2003 / 2004

Features :
8 Picanol QSC modules, for Gammax 190cm Quick Style Change (QSC) With Picanols QSC Quick Style Change system, a style change can be carried out in less than 40 minutes by just one person. The key to the operation is the split-frame design of the weaving machine. Advantages Remarkable savings in machine downtime. Fewer operators needed in the weaving shed. Flexibility for weaving in a variety of styles. Reduction of weaving cost. Easier access for cleaning. Interference losses due to simultaneous stops are practically non-existent. How it works The style change is achieved by swapping the whole back part of the split frame, with the warp beam, the backrest and the supports, the warp stop motion, the harnesses, the reed and the leno spools. All article-related settings on the warp side can be carried out outside the weaving shed, before the style change.

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